11:00am – Arrival – Models, Make-up Artist and Stylist. Models getting makeup done.

11:30am – Crew call time (set up equipment to my lighting diagram)

11:45am – First shots of model one (first outfit)

12:00pm – Second shot of model two (first outfit)

12:15pm – Both models together (first outfits)

12:30pm Second shots of model one (second outfit)

13:00pm – Second shots of model two (second outfit)

13:30pm – Both models together (second outfits) & Check if I have all my shots

14:00pm – End of shoot. Sigh out guests and return equipment.




New Storyboard


  1. Nike Logo

Start Shots

  1. Football = Camera 360° rotation round
  2. Running = Camera going down with the runner
  3. Basketball = Camera in place, basketball going between legs
  4. Nike Trainer graphics

Action Shots

  1. Football = Camera facing goal, ball goes in
  2. Running track = Camera in place, person running past the camera
  3. Basketball = Camera focused on hoop, ball going into the hoop


After Action

  1. Person smiling = Cut to the person being proud of him or herself – victory, cheesy clip of him or her smiling. Camera on face, moves down to the trainers.
  2. Nike Logo


  • Do we need the logo at the beginning or at the end? Do we need both?
  • Music suggestion: Imagine Dragons – Gold (Using other peoples music?)


Multipurpose trainer advert. The idea of anyone one putting on the trainers and instantly be able to do all types of sports. In the middle of the storyboard I used an image by ‘Studio Blup’ to show an idea of graphs. Stan in my group could create a graphs clip to really show the trainer.


I now have 3 models for the fashion suit.

Bushra and Nasreen are lifestyle and fashion bloggers. Isobel is my third model.


UPDATE: 10th May

Last night I received a message from one of my models saying she won’t be able to make the shoot. This is a little annoying since I planned my outfits to go together, the other two models outfits are quite similar in colour. I did order all the clothes yesterday, so now I have to order another outfit that’s a different colour.