Task 1 – Portrait


Billboard Test

I took some more photos to get an idea on presenting the bottle.

I noticed a few things that I need to be aware of when I do my shoot and when editing. On the side of the bottle there is water drops that I need to wipe or edit out. For the background I shined the glass ball to create colour and shape, although I do think it looks nice I don’t think it is necessarily. I think I will try this in

I think that the water drop on the bottle with the hint of light gives the effect of the ocean, I think that when I add the spray of water across the bottle then I think it will be a good image.


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 13.23.56

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 13.46.40

Out of the two images below, I think the one which prefer just the bottle. I think that having just the bootle makes it stand out more and it goes straight to the point, which is a cologne.

The History

Zino Davidoff is a Swiss family business founded in 1980 and active exclusively in the luxury segment offering a wide range of products. For example: watches, leather goods, writing instruments, men’s and women’s fashion accessories,  fragrances, eyewear, coffee and cognac.

The Zino Davidoff Group was founded in 198- by Zino Davidoff whose motto “true luxury is experiencing beauty and the ultimate pleasure in every moment” became the company’s inspiration. The first Davidoff fragrance was launched in 1984. In 1988 the brand’s most renowned fragrance, Davidoff Cool Water, was launched.

Josh Holloway, Paul Walker and Scott Eastwood are notable actors who appeared in Cool Water promotional material, featuring in a number of television commercials and posters for Davidoff Cool Water in 2008.

The creator of the cologne is Pierre Bourdon. Cool Water contains Mint, Sea Water, Rosemary.

Collaborating with Stylist


I’ve contacted all the people below who are Props Stylist to collaborate with for this project.

Alexander Breeze


I got in contact with Alex, unfortunately she is already booked on the 19th. She did say she is more than happy to help in any way by email, if I have any questions about styling I can ask.

I spoke to her about Davidoff, she said: ‘Each stylist has their own point of view so there are many starting points. I’d start with the product itself to give you clues as to how it could be styled for the shoot. For example: what is the product or brand trying to say? Is it about a feeling of luxury? Or is it about making you feel comfortable and happy?.’

* https://jennapatelblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/11/the-history/


Andrea Mongenie



Tamsin Weston



Rebecca Newport


I contacted Rebecca, unfortunately she is booked on the day I’m shooting in the studio.


Olivia Gregory



Holly Isabella




I tested out the glass ball with the cologne and bottle. I really like the way came out. I like that it adds an element to the image. I think one of the problems in doing this is having the glass ball shadow, I don’t want the shadow from the ball to be in the image, so I do have to keep moving the light to make sure it’s not in the shot. Also the light was going onto the cologne bottle, but I can get rid of that though Capture or Photoshop.