Update On Nike Ad

My group has created a Google Doc to share ideas and information about the project. Paige’s ideas for the Nike Advert.

Idea – Multipurpose use of Nike trainers – The aim, they’re not just for sports. Montage pf clips and writing slides of everything Nike trainers can be used for and who can wear them. Not just limited to sports or millennials.
-Sports, running in a park, on a track, and a sport (football, basketball), everyday fashion wear, evening fashion wear (night out) adults, elderly, kids, men, women, etc.

Bright and colourful shoot, maybe even bring in some mixed coloured lighting especially for evening shoot ideas to intensify the idea of night out/ evening style.

Storyboard Idea:

Paige's Ideas



Adobe Illustrator Poster Ideas

I went onto Adobe Illustrator and created two two of my sketch ideas into a poster. I just wanted to get an idea of what the final could look like but in an illustrated form.

The first screen shot, there is 3 lights at the top. Well it’s actually one, the 2 on the idea are a lighter colour which I wanted to make it look like it was going nice to side. I did the same kind of thing with the gun on the table.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 11.19.37Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 18.22.20

Episode Ideas

6 Episodes:

  1. Meeting each character. Why does he want to rob the bank? – No one cares about him, his ideas for work were never taken on seriously and none of the ladies are interested in him. He then decided to change that forever and he plans a heist, his target, the casino. His helpers….
  2. How does he do it? Who else is involved? Rebecca puts on a show at the casino. Rebecca and Steve do magic tricks with the cards. To divert the attentions of the MI5 and people at the casino.
  3. Dylan and Mitch start the plan to rob the casino.
  4. Everything was going well for the four members until the MI5 started following them and watching there every move.
  5. The four members managed to rob the casino.
  6. The head of MI5, Tom figured how the four robbed the casino, but found out that Tom betrayed the MI5 and stole the money for himself.

Movie Research


Our show is inspired by two movies, Now You See Me and Ocean’s Eleven. The Now You See Me posters all work well together and it does separately. The Now You See Me posters, work well together because they focus on each character, the image of them is sticking, by looking at each picture, we have an idea on what there character is in the movie. Another reason why they work well together is because of the colour scheme and the font. All of them are the same which makes it easy for us the views to know that they are all mean to be together. The text in the image give us the views an idea about what there character is about.

With Ocean’s Eleven it is every different, they don’t have all the characters in one image. The colour scheme for all the posters are the same. I had a look at the other Ocean’s movies which all show red as well.

I had a look at other movie posters. One of my group members, Paige showed us posters for the movie Nerve. Although they don’t show each character in the movie like Now You See Me, the colour scheme and font work well, we can see that all these images are meant to be together. On the side (right) the 3 images I found on IMDB. I thought that these posters are interesting because the people in the poster are not in the movie but the text on them tell us about the movie Nerve.

The Bourne Identity posters are another example of different images that link to the same movie. And yet again the colour scheme makes us (the viewer) that it’s for the same movie.