Picture Library Presentation Part 2




Presentation Part 2 & Conclusion

Presentation Part 2 – For the second presentation pitch, it went better than the first pitch. Again, we did have a few problems. The team mainly focused on the research behind the picture library than the images and creation of the website. I thought that Cat, Stan, and Aisha did a good job with finding the research, most members of the group including myself have a hard time finding about the licencing and pricing. Other feedback that we got was that our pricing was too low, and we needed to display more of the photographer’s work.

In conclusion, the Creative Collaboration unit has been challenging but enjoyable experience, I believe we performed admirably as a team. I have enjoyed collaborating with the Web Media and Design & Coding students with this project, as well as the photographers from group A and B. I learnt about creating logos, websites and re-branding and creating a brand. I understand the process of building an ecommerce website. This project has also improved my communication, and photography skills. This collaboration has been successful. But most importantly, this project has given me the chance to learn from any mistakes.

Phase One

Overall I really enjoyed using the Phase cameras. I thought it was really helpful when we were put into groups to assist each other. Christian was a really big help when it came to my album cover shoot which was great.

Task 1 – Food Shoot

I felt that my magazine food shoot when really well. I looked at many food magazine cover to get an idea on what kind of photo I wanted to take. When I knew I wanted to photograph a cake/ cupcakes I focused on where to place things. I did have problems with focusing the camera, but overall I am very pleased with my magazine cover.

Task 2 – River Shoot

The river shoot was my least favourite task. I wasn’t as pleased with this shoot. I went with two other girls to take the river shoot and assist them. I felt that my where my lighting was on my model didn’t really work, it was facing down and not on the models face. But surprisingly I was very confident that day and I was going up to people asking if my group could take photos of them. I do like the outcome of my river shoot but I think if I went to a different location with more people around I could have got a more exciting shot.

Task 3 – Record Shoot

At first I was very worried about this task.  I felt that I wouldn’t be able to find a model in time plus I was still unsure about which genre I was going for. After I found the model, the genre came easily. I knew that model had red hair so I thought about pop albums. Again I had trouble focusing the camera but I did get help from my group. In my in my opinion I really like my album cover, it is exciting and dramatic and that was what I was going for.


Final Cover


I asked a few people about if they liked the cover in black and white or colour. Mostly everyone said colour. I think that having it in colour does make my model stand out. Plus I originally wanted the album cover to be in colour.