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Mixed Lighting



13th November

On the 13th November 2017 (Monday), we had group tutorials. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the meeting because I haven’t been feeling too well.

I got the feedback about the website from my group. I believe my group was having the meeting with the head of Photography, Geraint. This was our feedback:

Don’t agree with the colour scheme – The colour is boring and out dated. I do agree with this, I do that it is a bit old fashion, maybe if the colour wasn’t so dark it might work better. Looking at the website I think the viewers eyes goes straight to the background or the photo blends in with the background. At first we were trying to make have an autumn theme, but I think the best option is to change the background to be white.

The website looks to empty at the moment. Which again I do agree. The photographers and have uploaded the photos on the g-drive, we are just waiting for the coder/ web designers in the group to start putting it altogether.

Again, we were told the logo doesn’t work. I still don’t understand why the logo don’t work. Everyone in my group is happy with the logo, it is other people outside the group. I am unsure if its the name or the actual logo. In the meeting we got told it’s too complex. I think if they change the website to a white background and then have the logo an autumn colour, I think it would work well.

Mix Lighting Photos

Here are my final mixed lighting photos. We went on the side of the uni next to the River Thames. There wasn’t many people walking around the time we went out. I was with two ¬†other girls, we decided to do two sets of photos.

The people I took photos of were both tourist (not together). I first took photos of the man, he didn’t really speak much English, he said she’s just going for a walk. He was very happy for me to take photos of him. I explained that we are photography students and he was happy to help. The second photo is of a lady who went to one of the exhibitions at the 02 and she was just walking around. Again she was happy to be photographed.

I am happy with the photos. But having the light equipment was a struggle, I made a lighting plan which I did stick to but looking at the photos the light is just on the side of the person. I like how I positioned the camera, I left room at the top so it would be a suitable for a magazine cover which is what the brief wanted.


Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff, Cool Water – Discover the power of cool: Cool Water Man from Davidoff. Inspired by the strength of the ocean, this iconic male scent has been giving men that vital feeling of intense freshness for over 25 years. Picture2

Embrace the power of the ocean

After doing some research about Davidoff Cool Water I noticed this product is all about the ocean. Non of the photos are taken in the studio apart from the bottle. I feel that my idea of the plain bottle wont work well with this product.