The Colour Of Life

Set Task – Must produce 4 images for an editorial for the iPad edition of a magazine, one shot in a studio (1 portrait/ 1 landscape) and one shot on location (1 portrait/ 1 landscape).

Location – For my location shot I went South Kensington, Natural History Museum and I took photos of a merry go round that they have around Christmas time.


Studio – For my studio shot I used glow sticks from my colour. I had a bit of trouble with this idea. My plan was to put the glow sticks in the water and let them float but they didn’t. Then I asked my sister to put her hand in the water so then there would be a second subject. Then I asked her to go in the water and put her head into the water. But when I looked bad at my images, I wasn’t happy with the outcome. In the image you couldn’t tell that she was in water.  So then I still used the glow sticks but in a different way.


My final images does have a lot of black in them, but I wanted the glow sticks to stand out, which I think I achieved.


Published by

Jenna Patel

Student at Ravensbourne University, studying Digital Photography.

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