New YouTuber

For the Famous Person task, I planned to take photos of a YouTuber called Steph, who is a games YouTuber. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to help me. So then I decided to still keep the YouTuber idea and find someone else.

I asked a few of my friends if they knew any YouTubers. This was quite a problem as people only know ‘really famous’ YouTubers, I did contact some but no one got back to me. One of my friends recommended a girl called Penny who also makes Sims 4, house building videos, she has over 200 views.


I got in touch with her and I told her about this task. She said yes to taking the photos. I found out that we both like in the same area. We meet up, to talk and get to know each other. After a week or so, I then contacted her to take the photos. I went to her house to see her environment, where she creates her videos.

I took the photos in her bedroom, this was quite weird for me as I didn’t really know what her room looks like and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Looking back at my photos I think that my photos are not really exciting, there wasn’t really much that I could really have control about.

Here are the photos that I took:


Overall I found this task really hard. The only background that I had to work with is her bedroom. On the laptop she put her sims game up. She doesn’t really have a big room so there was only two areas in her room that I could take photos of, she has a desk but its facing a wall, so I found it hard to take photos of her while she’s using the desk. I did ask her to sit on her bed, looking back at the photos I like the ones which she’s on her bed. I am happy with these photos but I don’t think that they are quite exciting.



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Jenna Patel

Student at Ravensbourne University, studying Digital Photography.

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