GT1 – Lavazza

On the 27th April, I had my first meeting for the Lavazza project.

My idea is about a person levitating towards a coffee cup. In the meeting I got told that I need a reason as to why the two are levitating towards each other. I think that my idea is trying to say that they need each other, the person needs the coffee for her/ him to start the day and the coffee needs someone to drink it. I do think that my idea needs to be worked on a bit more.

Some of the feedback that I got given from the GT is for the background to my idea can be a double exposure background, with lights coming though. Another feedback I got to do with the concept is, Alice In Wonderland. The idea of a fairly tale with the coffee mug swirling around.

I think that the idea of the person levitating towards the coffee cup is good but I think that I need to think about the background more.

Sam Taylor Wood



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Jenna Patel

Student at Ravensbourne University, studying Digital Photography.

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