This project is about mixed lighting and taking photos of people at there work place. I feel that I have achieved that. Both photos include mixed lighting and the work place.

The idea that I had for the car garage did change. I original for the person to stand right in front of a car, and that was for both shots. But I’m glad I didn’t do both shot standing in front of a car. The one with the van, I really like this shot, I think it does show that he works for Ash Tyers & Wheels. The second shot with him standing outside the garage shows again that he works at the garage and it shows that objects that he works with in the background.

I’m happy with the lighting, I would have liked more clouds in the sky, but over the past few days, it has been grey outside. I like the way the light hits the model face and clothing, I think it works well. I really like the two lights inside the garage in the first picture to the left, I think it stands out well.


Published by

Jenna Patel

Student at Ravensbourne University, studying Digital Photography.

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