This project is about creating a story with photographs. I feel that I have achieved that. My story is about the city life in Bank. I took some photos of Bank on Bank Holiday and I took photos of Bank on a normal busy day. I decided to have my photos start with the Bank Holiday and then go into the normal busy day.

My original idea was just to shoot Bank on Bank Holiday but I am glad that I did a normal day. This project was a bit hard for me because I don’t really like taking photos of people, I like architecture photography so it was a challenge but I think I did ok.

When it came to setting out the book on InDesign, I really enjoyed that. I really like the idea of printing out the images and creating a book. It is every different than looking at the image on a screen. When I saw it in the book form I felt that the photos flowed well, you can see the transition from quite city to people everywhere. I decided to go with a tape bound which I really liked.

Overall I am pleased with what I achieved, I really liked how it all turned out. At the beginning of the book there is a couple looking forwards the camera and at the end of the book the couple is looking away. I just liked the idea of starting off with this couple and ending with them, (even if it’s not really to do with Bank).

Here is the end results


Published by

Jenna Patel

Student at Ravensbourne University, studying Digital Photography.

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