This project is about creating a composite for Lavazza. In the brief it said that it should have a human portrait, landscape exterior, prop, and at least one coffee cup. I think that my idea for this project was good but I really needed to think about it.

I think that the outcome came out better than what I thought. I wasn’t really sure if the idea would work well all together but I think it does flow well. So my idea is about a woman floating towards the coffee/ coffee cup because she dreaming/ craving for it. All she is thinking about is the coffee. I do think I achieved that vision.

What I’m really pleased with is the coffee splashes, I did 3 different days trying to get good shoot. The first day I didn’t get anything, the second I did get some splashes, it took me a while to figure out how to time everything right to get the shot, and it was much better because I was using the lighting equipment from CLR. And the third day I just wanted to get some extra shot while I have the equipment from CLR. I did have a hard time with the background, I wanted something that had a dreamy effect which didn’t have a lot going on. So when I thought about taking photos of the sky, I just took them just to see if it would work well, and I think it did. I knew I wanted the sky to be really blue so did does stand out with the colour and not with detail.

What I’m not too pleased with is the human portrait. Due to family matters I didn’t have much time. Also before the problems I was already looking for models and no one got back to me. So I did ask a friend to help me. I don’t think that they were bad photos but I do think I need a certain type of person to be in my shot, (the models in Nikolay Tikhomirov photos). But I think was ok because I did have the lighting equipment from CLR so it worked well. I had lighting equipment for my model and coffee, the sky image didn’t have any, but thats mainly because I didn’t want detail in my image and the sky was bright enough.

Overall I am pleased with what I came up with in for this project. This is my final composite.



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Jenna Patel

Student at Ravensbourne University, studying Digital Photography.

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