Task 1 – Food Shoot

On the 20th October I did my food shoot using the Phase cameras. In my group I was the last on to take my photos, I think that help me a lot when it came to doing my shoot because I learnt a lot by watching and help the other people. I really enjoyed using the Phase cameras, I liked the layout of the camera although the weight of the camera did though me off. Looking back at my photos I noticed that the back wasn’t focused.

Cake 2

Here you can see that 3/4 cakes were in focus. I think that maybe if 2/2 were in focus then it would have been fine, but because of the on in the black box it just doesn’t work well.

Lighting plan: When doing this shot I made sure to stick to my lighting plan. I decided to have a light on the left side and the camera inline with the food. Instead of a white backdrop, I used poly boards.

Overall I did enjoy this task, I really like taking photos of food. For the Phase camera I enjoyed using it, I think if I use it more then I would get used to it. But I’m happy with the results.

Here is the finished cover:

Jenna Patel - Task 1



To prepare for this task, I did some styling of what I wanted to do on the day. I have decided that I want to photograph a cake or cupcakes.

I already have unused dish towels that I thought would work well. I think that the colour scheme is neutral and homely. I want the image to look like someone just made the cake (when its a bought cake). So I went back to the videos from Mango Street to get some ideas. With the dish towels I wanted to create layers.

For the background I’m still not too sure, I might just use a backdrop or just a natural background (no backdrop).

Here are my photos.

I used a cake tin to get an idea of a cake size and height.


The equipment list:

Cake or Cupcake

Dish Towels

Plates & Cutlery

Candles (Optional)

Lighting Diagram

I have three different lighting diagrams, for each one the lighting is different and the position the camera is different. Neutral, 45 degree angle and bird’s eye view.

I am more drawn to the natural lighting then studio lights because it would make it look natural. But for this task we do have to use studio lights so I added it into my lighting diagram.

Lighting Diagram1