My Final Shoots

Here are my final shoot before the presentation on Monday.

I went into the studio with Cat to shoot still life photos. We used a strip light and a backdrop.

This was our lighting plan:


Here are the final shots:

Overall I think they are ok, I decided to be safe because I’ve just been having trouble with this project. When I first shot the still life photos I found out after that it’s a different bottle. Then I did it again and I wasn’t happy with the lighting. I’m happy with the lighting and it is the correct bottle but I decided to keep it plan so it would work well with the other photographers in my group. I took my photos after Cat so, if you look closely at the bottle you can see mess on it, but to be honest, the Web Designers are going to design the bottle on to of the image. I did clear up the background as much as I could have. I should have done my photos before Cat because I planned to keep it completely plain.

Research 1

Here is the first and second design that the group came up with. Personally I really liked the right side logo. IL. (Imperial Leather.) but turned around looked like a person in the bath. I think that the Web Designers were really cleaver with that logo but unfortunately they decided to scrap it.

Shower/ bath from the photographers in my group. (These are the old ideas)

Imperial Leather Research

Re-Brand Project

(Shared information on g drive)

Target Audience

We decided that the target audience will be for Millennial aged between 18 – 25, as Imperial Leather is aimed at older generations. To make it more attracting to the younger generation we going to make it more sexy in advertising has been increasing, which according to studies sex in adverts is now in around 38% of all adverts.


Explanation of use of colour

We decided to keep the over all brand colour scheme as black and white. We wanted to have our logo be really bold and flexible.

Product colour scheme:


Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.12.18

Each colour matches the line. We wanted colours that would contrast and stand out. Since we picked our target audience to be 18 to 25 year olds we decided to keep our colours as bright.


Tagline Ideas:

I’ll be busy tonight

Your new Friday night plan

Friday night will never be the same

Being clean never felt so dirty