Final Photos for Famous Person


For the Famous Person task, I picked these two photos. I know that both of them are the ones that on her bed, but I didn’t really like the photos of her with the desk. I really like these two photos because it shows her on her laptop. This task was hard because the person I chose is know for being on YouTube for playing Sims. I really like the natural lighting coming from her window. I did get her to pose and smile at the camera, because I kind of wanted it to look like a magazine editorial photo.

Overall I did find this task hard. It wasn’t so much finding the person, it was more about how I was going to take the photo. Going to someone’s house and seeing what I had to work with to get a good shot.


Same Photos:


New YouTuber

For the Famous Person task, I planned to take photos of a YouTuber called Steph, who is a games YouTuber. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to help me. So then I decided to still keep the YouTuber idea and find someone else.

I asked a few of my friends if they knew any YouTubers. This was quite a problem as people only know ‘really famous’ YouTubers, I did contact some but no one got back to me. One of my friends recommended a girl called Penny who also makes Sims 4, house building videos, she has over 200 views.


I got in touch with her and I told her about this task. She said yes to taking the photos. I found out that we both like in the same area. We meet up, to talk and get to know each other. After a week or so, I then contacted her to take the photos. I went to her house to see her environment, where she creates her videos.

I took the photos in her bedroom, this was quite weird for me as I didn’t really know what her room looks like and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Looking back at my photos I think that my photos are not really exciting, there wasn’t really much that I could really have control about.

Here are the photos that I took:


Overall I found this task really hard. The only background that I had to work with is her bedroom. On the laptop she put her sims game up. She doesn’t really have a big room so there was only two areas in her room that I could take photos of, she has a desk but its facing a wall, so I found it hard to take photos of her while she’s using the desk. I did ask her to sit on her bed, looking back at the photos I like the ones which she’s on her bed. I am happy with these photos but I don’t think that they are quite exciting.


Ideal Home Show Final Photos

These are the photos that I have chosen to hand in.


I mainly chose the photos that had two people, apart from three photos that have a single person. The people who were at the show are couples, the women were looking at the product while the men were holding the bags and waiting.

In some of my photos there is movement (blurriness) because people just kept moving. The people who were selling products were consistently trying to get us to come to them and listen to what they have to say.

Ideal Home Show

For the Easter Holiday we were give a task to photograph an event. For my event I chose the Ideal Home Show. I’ve never been to the Ideal Home Show so I wasn’t sure on what to expect.

I took photos of the people who go to these events. When I got to the show, I noticed that it was mainly elderly couples, and parents with young children.

Overall I did find it quite hard to photograph this event. People were looking all over the place and walking around, I did find it slightly awkward to take photos because this show is about buying and looking at products. It reminded me of the Christmas task, The Winter Market.

My photographs



For the Famous Person project, unfortunately there has to be changes. In my meeting I said that I have a YouTuber Steph that could be my famous person. Unfortunately she is unable to help me as she has unexpected family matters.

As I said in the meeting that she is a YouTuber, so I have decided to find another YouTuber that help me. I’m going to message so people today and hopefully I’ll get a response soon.