London Classic Car Show


On the 26th February I went to the London Classic Car show. Overall I really enjoyed being there, I liked that I got to see all different types of cars but I mainly liked the racing cars. I have to say taking photos of the cars was a challenge because lots of other people where taking photos all at the same time. I do think that these are not my best photos, to be honest it was all new to take photos of cars. I feel that I didn’t really get any exciting shoot, I think they were mainly standard. But by going, I am more interested in F1 photography.


F1 Photography Research

I contacted an F1 Photographer, James Moy.

I asked him about the camera equipment he uses.

He uses Canon equipment and 2x 1Dx Mkii cameras, with a range of 10+ lenses. Moy uses manual settings for shutter speed and aperture.

I also asked about the F1 tracks, I wanted to know where he is allowed to stand when the race is going on. Moy is a fully FIA accredited and has access to trackside and the pit-lane.


I think that by asking these questions I get a more of an understand of what its like to be an F1 Photographer on a technical side.


Pro Organisations & Business Sectors

Task 6

Advertising: Advertising is the action of calling public attention to something, especially by paid announcement.

In photography advertising is a key element because advertisers can photograph what they are promoting/ selling, so the customers will get an idea/ picture of what they are advertising.

This is a Christmas Coca-Cola advert. the Coco-Cola truck, is the main feature to this advert. The Coco-Cola truck adverts have been running for many years. For the public when we see the truck we know that its a Christmas advert.

E-Commerce: E-Commerce marketing is the process of driving sales by raising awareness about an online store brands and product offerings.

Photojournalist/ Documentary Photographers

Steve McCurry – Steve McCurry is an American Photographer who has worked in photojournalism and editorial.


Robert Capa – Robert Capa was a Hungarian was photographer and photojournalist, he is know as the greatest combat and an adventure, in photographers history.


Gordon Parks – Gordon Parks was an American photographer, musician, writer and film director and a glamor photographer. Also documentary photojournalist, back in the 1940s though to 1970s – particularly in issues of Civil Rights, poverty.

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Business Knowledge

Business Knowledge – Becoming an professional photographer

Task 7 – Running a Photo Shoot (Class task)

Each group is given a different brief. In class you need to plan the photo shoot described & determine all that you will need then all of the costs.

Scenario: A shoot with 3 actors on location in Central London hotel suite to promote a new feature film.

Days: 1      Studio: N/A      Models: 3

Equipment List


Light Diagram



Instagram Takeover

For my Instagram takeover, I took photos of the streets of London and some architecture photos. London in November starts to become more and more Christmas themed. The building and streets have Christmas lights and slowly starts to come on though out November, also the window display change had become Christmas themed, the main department stores are known for their displays.

From a young age, I have always loved Christmas, I love the decorations, food and the atmosphere of London.

The photographs that I took in London

I went to the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park, Grosvenor Street, Regent Street & Oxford Street.


Instagram: Jennanpatel

National Gallery Visit

Joseph Mallord William Turner – Rain, Steam, and Speed – The Great Western Railway (1844)

I think that this painting appeals to me because I like that the loosely but expresses brushstrokes throughout the whole painting. All the colours in the painting are combined because of the overlaps of the brushstrokes. In this painting the colours used are warn neutral colours, but the sky does have cool tones.

The image shows a train running to its destination, in the background on the left there is an arched bridge. The surroundings appear to be quite misty. Because the painting seems to be based on a misty day there is limited lighting, it’s almost like a blur.

If I was to re-create this painting but in a photography form, I feel that it would have to be a cloudy/ misty day, in Scotland (Glenfinnan Viaduct), and I would want a shutter speed short of setting for my camera.

I think I was drawn to this painting because it’s a landscape. This landscape painting appealed to me because of the colour and brushstrokes. I like the movement coming from the train and that it’s dark brown colour, which draws my eyes on the train and track, but because of the brushstrokes it fades in with the background which ties everything together.



Rembrandt – Self Portrait at The Age Of 63 (1669)

I think that this painting appeals to me because I like the colours and the way he has painted the lighting on his face. In this painting, there are lots of warm colours, like the browns and dark burnt reds which sets apart the background and himself. In the painting  I like the soft brushstrokes which also softly blends well with the background. I does have a 3D feel to it because of how he painted the shadows, it doesn’t seem like a flat painting.

The main feature that stands out to me is how he shown the lighting. The lighting appears on his forehead, and slightly on his face. The reason why that stands out for me because at the age of 63 he painted the wrinkles on his face also he also painted himself in a reflective mood. My eyes go straight to his face because the colours he uses are different the background and his clothing. Also I like that his eyes are the darkest colour in the whole portrait, it draws my eyes to his.