Fanzine Outcome

My Fanzine

For this project I achieved the outcome that I wanted. I am extremely happy with the results. I love the way my magazine turned out. I like the print quality but I do think I should have gone with a whiter paper.

I wanted my magazine to look like a photographers/ photograph magazine and I feel that I have achieved that.

Overall I am pleased with this project. I am very confident with architecture photography and I feel that my photos did come out really well. I think I did a good job with putting photographs together and keeping a good theme throughout the magazine.


I went back to my fanzine, I am happy with the layout, but I’m not too sure about the first page of the magazine, the Newbury Park and Journey page. I went through my fanzine to see if I’m happy with all the photos and text. I decided to change one of the pictures on one of the pages.

I was never keen on the photo on the left on the first page. I changed it to a photo I took around St James Park of a street. I feel that this image works better because the colours on the page is more neutral, also I preferred this image than the original photo.



Overall I am pleased with that I have achieved, I started thinking about this project in November, and trying to come up with a theme. I started taking photos for this in December 2016. I have learnt a lot from doing this project, I have learnt more about taking photos of architecture, discovering new and different locations, editing photos on Capture One and learning how to use InDesign.

My intention for this magazine was to create a photographers magazine that had a clean look to it, I do think that I have achieved that. And overall I am pleased with what I have created.