I went back to Hyde Park to take some more photos. Between the time when I first took the photos and now I wasn’t sure if the idea of the fountain would work. I felt that the idea of the fountain was old fashion and it didn’t really link with 18 – 25 year olds. But yesterday we have a group meeting to discuss the project. We decided to make all the photos black and white so that it would match together and make the Imperial Leather logo stand out. So when I found out that we were going to make all the images black and white I went back to take more photos.

I understand that the idea of a fountain doesn’t really link well with soap. But the idea of a young person risking nudity jumping in a fountain is what a young person would think of.



For the Record cover, I have already asked a few people. I have got in contact with a model from Instagram. I told him what the project is about and when the shoot was going to happen (17th November), he did say that he would like to help but he will let me know closer to the time. I also contacted the girl I did the famous person project with. Her name is Penny, and she made the Sims videos. While I was taking photos of her for the famous person project she was telling me that she knows how to play the guitar and ukulele, also when I told her about the record cover task she told me that she can sings. I have then also contacted other people/ models just in case there is problems with the two that have got back to me.

Some things that I still need to think about are,

What is the record cover genre?

What is the name going to be?

Is it just going to be of the persons face?

Am I going to add another element into the image? (Digital Darkroom)


Record Cover

For task 3 we are going to create a record cover. I have two records of my own, Otis Redding, Otis Blue and Guardian of the Galaxy, soundtrack.


I then went online to have a look at more covers. I didn’t really look at most famous covers but I looked up artist that I liked and listen to.


For this task we have to include a human figure in the cover.


To prepare for this task, I did some styling of what I wanted to do on the day. I have decided that I want to photograph a cake or cupcakes.

I already have unused dish towels that I thought would work well. I think that the colour scheme is neutral and homely. I want the image to look like someone just made the cake (when its a bought cake). So I went back to the videos from Mango Street to get some ideas. With the dish towels I wanted to create layers.

For the background I’m still not too sure, I might just use a backdrop or just a natural background (no backdrop).

Here are my photos.

I used a cake tin to get an idea of a cake size and height.


The equipment list:

Cake or Cupcake

Dish Towels

Plates & Cutlery

Candles (Optional)

Lighting Diagram

I have three different lighting diagrams, for each one the lighting is different and the position the camera is different. Neutral, 45 degree angle and bird’s eye view.

I am more drawn to the natural lighting then studio lights because it would make it look natural. But for this task we do have to use studio lights so I added it into my lighting diagram.

Lighting Diagram1