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More Album Cover Research

I had a look at more album covers to get an idea about the fonts and where to place the title.

I came across this website…

Looking at there examples I changed my album cover to black and white to get an idea of  what it would look like. I actually really like the way it looks, I think it works well with the font and I think having the text in the middle at the top works well. But my genre is Pop and that its more on the colour side. But I do think it looks good black and white.


Image Library

Our target audience are Journalists, Publishers, Libraries, Bookshops, Online use of photos, Broadcasting, Videography, Regional Newspapers, National Newspapers, Corporate work, Public relations and useful Networks and links.

Our unique selling point – we have different platforms to buy our photographs from Apps like Instagram and Websites like Facebook and Twitter, and our main website. Customers can browsers through the app and website to get an idea on what we produce.

Our aims and messages – our aim is to sell the photographs to our target audience who are journalists, publishers, libraries and bookshops. Prinks for offices and hotels. As well as anyone who is interested in British Nature.

Why are we interesting? – We produce a range of photographs of nature, close ups of plants and flowers and different textures of nature like tree branches, leaves and lake shots. We have different options of British nature from London parks, farms to lakes. We have a range of photographers with different styles. When you hover over an image it takes you straight to details. Customers are able to share the images maybe the customers simply wants to send the photographs as attachments via email, or share on their Facebook page.

Our image library is about nature and nature is all around us. People like to take photos of nature.

Our vision is to showcase British nature in different ways.

For licensing and pricing I contacted the Royal Museums Greenwich. This is what they said in the email… The best place to look would be our price list page which give you all our current prices for a selection of usages

The license entails all of the customers’ requirements on how they would like to use the image, such as a book publication we would then include print run, image size, territories, languages etc which is part of the license agreement and the customer can only use the image for the exact usage they stated, they would sign our image order form with terms and conditions to confirm this.

Our minimum price per image is £50+VAT which includes the supply fee for the high resolution image and we check all our prices are on point by benchmarking various museums and picture libraries price lists every 3-4 years.