Equipment List

For all the locations I have been to I have taken the same equipment.

Camera + Lens

2 SD Cards



Phone Portable Charger + Wire

Phone Student Card



Billboard Evaluation

For my Billboard shoot I photographed Davidoff, Cool Water. For planning this project was fine, I did have some problems the perspex but apart from that I was fine. When it came to the day of shooting I was a bit nervous and worried, but the shoot ended up being quite fun. I did have some problems when shooting and it was to do with the perspex, the perspex size I got was A3 which ended up being to small. I think I could have gone a size up which would have really helped.

I did make some changes which with my lighting plan that I had originally. The back light was meant to face the background, we ended up turning the light around so it faces the bottle. Also I went with a black background, originally I wanted a dark blue/ navy but we didn’t have that colour in the studio so I used black instead. Overall I am happy with the changed that I made.

When I finished the shoot and had a look at my photos I was pretty happy with the results, I really liked the way it turned out. The water spray really make the photo come alive which was something that I really wanted. I wanted the image to look and feel like the ocean.

The problems that I faced with this project was the layout, when shooting I did leave lots of room at the top and bottom of the image so the text in the layout would have enough room when I place it into the layout. But I thought I did have enough space but because of the perspex being so short, I didn’t have enough room. I then went onto Photoshop with Chris who help we figure out what to do. If I just had the overlay when shooting, it would have also helped.

Overall I am very pleased with the results of the shot, I definitely came out better than I thought. The changes I would make is to get a bigger size of the perspex. This project was fun for me. When we going given the brief I knew straight away that I want to photograph this cologne. The face of Davidoff, Cool Water was Paul Walker who died a few years ago. Paul Walker was one of my favourite actors. I just wanted to photograph something personal and I feel like I have achieved that. I am very happy with what I achieved.

Extending The Background

My main problem with the Billboard shoot was fitting it into all three layouts. I mainly needed to extend the background so my photograph could fit in the layouts.

I did hav a tutorial about extending the background, but I wasn’t happy with the results, I then went onto YouTube and look up a few videos. I finally found a youtube video that I liked how the background looked.

I then edited and cleaned up the photo a bit more and I have two results. One light and one darker.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 14.31.14Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 14.31.35