Presentation Ideas

On Pinterest I created a board about presenting the final outcome for my Photostory, I still like the idea of a classic book.

I bought the second edition of Negative Feedback, which made me want to do the classic photo book. I like that it is simple with powerful photos.




For this project I have started to create my outcome. I do like it so far, but I think I need to change the mug to a tea cup or something smaller than the mug. Also I still need to take the photos of my floating model.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.40.05


For my second group tutorial, I showed my photos of Bank, that I took on Bank Holiday Monday. I suggested the idea that I would go back on a busy day and take some more photos in the same places that I took on Bank Holiday to so the comparison, which is a good idea to do.

When I was showing my photos I got told that there is too much pavement in my photos, I need to move the camera up to show that its not a busy day in Bank. I also got told that I need to take some landscape photos, since most of my photos that I took were portrait.

Polly Braden –