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I went back to my fanzine, I am happy with the layout, but I’m not too sure about the first page of the magazine, the Newbury Park and Journey page. I went through my fanzine to see if I’m happy with all the photos and text. I decided to change one of the pictures on one of the pages.

I was never keen on the photo on the left on the first page. I changed it to a photo I took around St James Park of a street. I feel that this image works better because the colours on the page is more neutral, also I preferred this image than the original photo.


I used the same camera settings as the landscape photos. My car photos are much brighter than the landscape photos, I went onto Capture One to adjust the brightness & contrast and curves.

Without editing



Photo information: Time taken at 14:00… I used the same camera settings as the landscape which was 1/125   f/5.6   ISO: 100 – When I was taking photos of the car it was a very sunny day.