Magazine Project Progress

Studio Photography – Magazine Project

Notes/ Light Diagram:

For my magazine cover, I wanted to create a GQ style photo. I brought my GQ magazine along with me to the shoot, so my model could get a feel of how he should pose.

At the beginning of the shoot, when I finished setting up the lights and camera settings, the test images were still not coming out how I wanted it to. I re-changed my camera setting from 1/125 and F8 to 1/125 and F16 which was a better. But the main issue/ problem why the images wasn’t working was me. My height compared to the model was completely different, he was too tall for me and the camera was pointing up which kept showing the top of the back drop. I then found a white block which I was kneeling on to be eye level with my model.

Looking back at the images now, I am pleased with them but I’m not too keen on the back drop. I went with a dark grey back drop but you can see marks. Apart from that I am pleased with my images.


Light Diagram

Light Diagram - Copy.jpeg


Photography Industry

Ideas & Thoughts – Becoming An Industry Professional


Different areas of the Photography Industry that I am interested in:

-Travel photography

-Landscape photography

-Action/ Sport photography

-Vehical photography

-Press photography

-Atchitecture photography

The industry that I would like to see myself in is the Formula 1. (Press photography)

F1 Photographers:

James Moy

Rainer W. Schlegelmilch

Steve Etherington

Instagram – Sutton Images

Photos taken by Steve Etherington




Studio Photographer

Hayato Takahashi


I found Hayato Takahashi photographs in a fashion magazine called The Atlas Magazine. I was drawn to Takahashi photographs because of the different features that are combined, like the fashion and floral combination.

In these image the colour palette seems mutual toned. I like the subtle hints of colour coming from the flower. Even though there aren’t really any bright colours in these images I think that it looks like an elegant and girly photo.

The mix between fashion and nature seem to work well together. The poses in that the models are doing are quite extravagant, I do think it works well, because the women have elongated their bodies which makes the image more filled, and the flowers are placed in the areas that the model isn’t covering.

Overall I think that the photo does have a simplicity look to it even though there are extravagant poses and flowers everywhere.